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Quality Turkish Ouds and other Middle-Eastern Instruments by MusiCaravan

Master Luthier HANK LEVIN offers:

  • Quality Turkish Ouds and other Middle-Eastern Instruments
  • Hand-Made Oud Strings
  • Specially designed Luthier's Brass Gluepots for instrument construction and repair
  • Musical Instruments and Accessories

MusiCaravan sells high quality Turkish ouds and neys, as well as offering professional repairs on these instruments, and concert quality strings for Turkish and Arabic ouds.We also sell brass gluepots for hot hide glue used by instrument makers and fine cabinet makers, as well as the hide glue itself, of the highest quality.

Exotic Musical Instruments (Ouds), Accessories (Oud Strings) and Tools (Electric Glue Pots and Hot Hide Glue)

MusiCaravan.com specializes in musical instruments from the Mid-east, especially Turkey, such as oud, ney and bendir. We also supply strings for the oud and electric glue pots for working with hot hide glue, as well as the hide glue itself.

What Musical Instruments are Available from MusiCaravan?


We carry ouds, particularly Turkish ouds. However, we repair both the Turkish oud and the Arabic oud. We have an exceptional selection of fine concert quality ouds, and some student quality ouds.

Frame Drums

We also carry a selection of frame drums, particularly the Turkish bendir (popular for Sufi music), and others as well.


Finally, we have a selection of Turkish style neys (end blown cane flutes used in Turkish classical and Sufi music). Hank Levin also makes neys to order.

What Kind of Oud Strings Do We Sell?

Strings for Turkish Oud

Our oud strings are hand-made of the highest quality materials and made to the most exacting standards. We make oud strings for the standard Turkish-Armenian tuning, the classical Turkish tuning for Turkish classical music.

Strings for Arabic Oud

Our oud strings for standard Arabic tuning are the finest quality, used by top professional musicians.

PVF Treble Oud Strings

We also sell sets of PVF (poly-vinyl fluorocarbon) oud string trebles, for increased brilliance and volume.


Hank Levin does professional repairs on both ouds and neys. Call for consultation and appointment.

Electric Glue Pot for Hot Hide Glue

Our hand-made Brass Glue Pot, in combination with our Electric Warmer, is an heirloom tool especially designed for instrument makers and fine woodworkers who want to work with hot hide glue. We also sell the finest quality Hide Glue, especially formulated for instrument making and fine cabinet construction, restoration, veneer work and marquetry.

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