About Hank

MusiCaravan.com is the manifestation of Hank Levin's lifelong passion with World Music, its various musical instruments, and their manufacture.

Hank Levin on OudHank Levin originally played classical guitar and lute, and later studied Middle Eastern rhythms and modes (maqam) on oud with Maestro Necati elik, and ney with maestro Sadreddin zemi. Hank's repertoire includes Turkish, Armenian, Azerbaijanian, Persian, Sephardic, Arabic and Greek pieces. He also plays various percussion instruments. He has made numerous presentations at colleges, at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, and on Pacifica Radio (KPFA). He has appeared with renowned Persian vocalist Ustad Naser Masoudi, with the Latif Bolat Sufi Ensemble, and with Persian santurist Ustad Asghar Azarvand, and with Turkish maestros Oudi Necati elik and Kanunji Halil Karaduman. Hank is the director of the Turkish Classical Music Ensemble of San Francisco.