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Oud Virtuoso Necati Çelik

Necati Çelik may well be Turkey's greatest living oud virtuoso. He has toured all over the world, performing and giving workshops. He has a limited number of CDs that may be hard to get, but he has an extensive YouTube presence.You can find out more about him on his Facebook page:


The Istanbul Oud Festival brought together top oudists from all over the world, as well as oud makers, historians and afficionados into a one-week convocation to remember forever! The first one occured at the end of this past October, and is planned to continue as an annual event. Organized by Maestro Necati Çelik and his lovely daughter Yasemin Tahir, it promises to become a national cultural celebration for Turkey.


Mikes Ouds is the most inclusive and extensive website on the net on the subject of the oud, mostly thanks to its many forums. It has sound clips and instruction, and seven different forums that cover everything from oud construction to history, and posts about music for related instruments such as cobza.



Mavrothis Kontanis is an excellent oudi and teacher on the US East Coast who maintains this excellent website with pages on oud basics, makams, excercises, links and online lessons!

 is David Parfitt's oud website. It's one of the oldest oud sites, and is chock full of valuable information. including history, basics, music theory, recordings, photos and links.


David Parfitt's Website Yair Dalal plays oud and violin and sings, performing traditional and original music in Arabic and Hebrew. Originally from Iraq and currently residing in Israel, he tours internationally with a talented multi-ethnic ensemble that includes both Arabs and Jews. He is dedicated to bringing about peace and friendship between all the cultures of the Middle East.

Multi-instrumentalist David Lindley performs music that redefines the word "eclectic." Lindley, well known for his many years as the featured accompanist with Jackson Browne, and leader of his own band El Rayo-X, has long championed the concept of world music. The David Lindley electro-acoustic performance effortlessly combines American folk, blues, and bluegrass traditions with elements from African, Arabic, Asian, Celtic, Malagasy, and Turkish musical sources. Lindley incorporates an incredible array of stringed instruments including but not limited to Kona and Weissenborn Hawaiian lap steel guitar, Turkish saz and chumbus, Middle Eastern oud, and Irish bouzouki. The eye-poppingly clad "Mr. Dave's" uncanny vocal mimicry and demented sense of humor make his onstage banter a highlight of the show.


Halil Karaduman is one of the world's most amazing musicians. He is a formidable kanun player, and has accompanied the most famous Turkish artists on their records and their live performances, including Zeki Mren, Blent Ersoy, Mzeyyen Senar, ?brahim Tatl?ses, Sezen Aksu, Zlf Livaneli. He is also an exquisite vocalist in his own right, performing the highest level of classical Turkish music as well as popular, and a prolific composer. Halil has toured the world over, and has visited the U.S. many times with Oudi Necati elik to perform, record and teach. You can see him in our photo gallery, and at his very interesting website at



John Bilezikjian is an awesome entertainer an oud player with a unique style incorporating full harmonies, and a fabulous multi-lingual singer. His music embraces the traditions of Armenia, Turkey, the Arab World, Greece, Russia, Israel, Eastern Europe, Spain, Asia and Latin America. He has written and recorded rock 'n roll, music for belly dancing, television and motion picture soundtracks, and has produced a myriad of original compositions. John has given command performances for the King and Queen of Spain and for Mrs. Anwar Sadat, and has filmed and recorded background music for over 50 TV and Motion Picture Film Soundtracks. He has appeared with The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and with Boston Pops Orchestra as featured soloist. He has his own record company, Dantz Records in Laguna Hills, California and has made over 25 CD's that are available on his web site,


Gryphon Strings is associated with Frank Ford, who is the premier authority on repair and construction of fretted stringed instruments. He also maintains a personal website at Frank has compiled and posted a phenomenal library of photographically illustrated procedures and techniques that he has researched and developed, along with expositions on materials. These, along with links to virtually any resource an instrument maker could want, make him and his sites one of the most remarkable and valuable resources on the internet for instrument makers!



Alan Young is an extraordinary Bay Area jazz pianist. An accomplished recording artist, accompanist, composer and musical shahman, he also presides over ToTeM, the Temple of Transformative Music, whose mission is to provide a supportive space for the interactio of spiritual work and music where musicians can deepen the spiritual focus of their performance, and where people in search of a transformation or healing may access the music that support their quest. and




Andy Kasparian is an amature oud builder whose site has some interesting personal history, and a great links page.



Wahid is Dimitris Mahlis on oud and other string instruments and Chris Wabich on tuned bass frame drums and percussion. wahid strives for excellence balancing compositional depth with improvisational freedom..... wahid has worked with: Lenoard Cohen, Ebi Hamedi, Mamak Khadem, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Frank Zappa's joe's garage, Sting, Lalo Shifrin, Carmen Rizzo, Axiom of Choice, Ludacris, Mark Murphy, Nancy Sinatra, Kevyn Lettau, and others.



Led by Eliyahu Sills on the ney, The Qadim Ensemble consists of Rachel Valfer Sills on oud and lead vocals, Faisal Zedan on Arabic percussion such as the darbukkah, riqq & daf, and Geri Hegedus on Turkish baglama saz, divan saz, persian setar, and oud.  The ensemble often includes special guests,such as Bouchaib Abdlehadi, Evan Fraser, and Jason Ranjit Parmer.




The Clearing Institute, and HL Publishers constitute Hank Levin's "day job." He is an authority on biomonitor-guided personal consultations, writing books, teaching and lecturing on the subject. Shown here is his latest book, Clearing - A Guide for Professionals. You can read about it here.





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