The Gluepot - hand-made brass luthier's gluepot

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Our hand-made brass gluepot. A craftsman's tool of heirloom quality! It gives us great pride to present our exclusive hand-made brass luthier's gluepot

  • Specially designed by a master luthier to the exact requirements for heating hide glue used by traditional violin, lute and guitar makers, as well as for fine workers in wood inlay, decorative veneering and marquetry.
  • Hand-crafted of hammered brass, highly polished, with an ornate lid and brass wire handles. Destined to be an heirloom and centerpiece.
  • Electric Gluepot Warmer, available separately, keeps the glue workable at exact temperatures.

The finest specialty woodworkers have relied for centuries on the unique qualities of hot hide glue in their work. Even with the advent of modern epoxies, yellow glues and cyanoacrylates, hot hide glue's special properties and strength make it irreplaceable in instrument making. Besides being an indispensable tool for the finest detailed woodwork, the exquisite highly ornamented appearance of this wonderful little gluepot ranks it as the finest choice of gift item for craftsman or non-craftsman alike. Hand crafted of hammered brass, highly polished, and fit with its precious ornate lid and delicate brass wire handles- in your workshop or on your coffee table, it is sure to provoke comment and conversation Indeed, it looks almost too pretty to use. But make no mistake---the Traditional Brass Luthier's Gluepot is made to be used! Rugged and heavily built, it will be part of your family for many generations, a memorial to the honored craftsmen who used it. Weight: 1 lb. 5 oz. Packaged weight: 1 lb. 8.5 oz. Outer diam: 4" Height (with lid): 4" Height (without lid): 3.25" Capacity inner pot: 3 oz. Capacity of water jacket (outer pot): 18 oz.

Price of Glue Pot
(alone) $79.50

Glue Pot and Warmer combination (shipping discount) $96.50


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Hide Glue
Price: $15.99 / 1lb
Shipping: $4.95 to anywhere in the US.

We now carry a very premium grade of hide glue to use with your gluepot! It is super-clear, high strength 192 gram glue—especially formulated for construction of musical instruments and fine hand-made furniture, and for restoration, veneer and filigree work.

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