The Gluepot Warmer

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The Electric Gluepot Warmer for the Traditional Brass Luthier's Gluepot

Electric Gluepot warmerOur new Electric Gluepot Warmer takes the guesswork out of determining the correct temperature for hot hide glue for your fine woodwork, veneer, marquetry and instrument-making and repair projects. It maintains a consistent temperature of between 140 and 150 Fahrenheit, the ideal temperature for hot hide glue. No more project interruptions while you stop to re-heat glue that has become too cool to work!

  • Keeps glue accurately and consistently between 140 and 150 F.
  • Eliminates guessing the temperature.
  • Safer, more accurate and more convenient than hotplate or gas heaters.
  • No need for messy thermometers.
  • Attractive and aesthetically compatible with the Traditional Brass Luthier's Gluepot.

Price: $18.00

Electric Gluepot warmerGlue Pot and Warmer combination (shipping discount) $96.50