Hot Hide Glue

About Hot Hide Glue


Hide glue has been used for over 4000 years. Egyptian tomb paintings document the manufacture of hide glue, and the exquisite furniture found therein is a monument to its effectiveness. The special qualities that make it continue to be essential in instrument work are its


• flexibility in application

• ability to be reworked if necessary

• extremely high strength and resistance to heat

• virtual invisibility in most woodworking applications.

Hide glue is generally supplied in granulated form. It is mixed with a small amount of cold water, and heated gently. Although the glue pot is nominally a double boiler, that term is misleading in that the glue must never be allowed to boil. It is heated only to between 140 and 150 F. (This is generally the hottest temperature into which at you can dip your finger or press it against the outside of the pot for one full second without burning yourself.) Water can be added carefully if necessary, until the glue runs off the brush. Different consistencies may be desired for different applications. For purists, more complete information is provided with the glue pot!


We now carry a very premium grade of hide glue to use with your gluepot! It is super-clear, high strength 192 gram glue—especially formulated for construction of musical instruments and fine hand-made furniture, and for restoration, veneer and filigree work.

Price: $18.99/1 lb.

Shipping: $6.00 to anywhere in the US. [For shipping outside the USA, contact us at]

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