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Arabic Style Oud Strings by MusiCaravan
Introducing our new Arabic String set, made with the same precision and high quality as our famous Turkish sets (described below). Approved by prominent makers and players, they are designed for standard Arabic tuning, from bass to treble, of C, E (or F), A, d, g, c', (or slight variations thereof)---PLUS an optional high ff course for those who prefer this tuning. These carefully made strings are extremely long-lasting, and very popular---we have been shipping them all over the world!

Arabic Oud Set


Piano 1st c’ (Top) 3rd d 5th E (or F)
Tunings: 2nd g 4th a 6th C

Arabic Style Oud Set $19.00 US


Turkish Style Oud Strings by MusiCaravan

Our Turkish Style oud strings are made to exact specifications in collaboration with oud virtuoso Üstad Necati Çelik [pronounced “Nejatee Chelik”], and we do supply him with these strings. Necati is considered by many to be the foremost classical oud player in Turkey today.

These strings compare very favorably to Pyramids. The trebles are true and even, and the bass strings last many months without going out of tune with themselves. When I change strings, it is because they are literally wearing out, or have lost too much brilliance to perform with an ensemble---not because they are going out of tune. The only other strings I can say that of are the Pyramids, and they cost a lot more.

There are two different Turkish sets. One has a label bearing Necati Çelik’s name and is designed for the tuning that he prefers, from bass to treble: B (or C#), F#, b, e, a, d'. This tuning is preferred by most Turkish classical musicians today because of its increased range and versatility when transposition is necessary.

Necati Classical Oud Set

Classical Turkish Oud Strings


Piano 1st d’ (Top) 3rd e 5th F# (or A)
Tunings: 2nd a 4th b 6th B (or C#)

Necati Classical Oud Set $19.00 US


The other set is called the MusiCaravan set, and is for the tuning E, A, b, e, a, d. This is a very common traditional tuning, and is often considered the “standard” tuning in the United States. It is widely used by Armenian musicians.

MusiCaravan Oud Strings

Musicaravan Oud Strings

Piano 1st d’ (Top) 3rd e 5th A
Tunings: 2nd a 4th b 6th E

MusiCaravan Oud Set $19.00 US


The sets are identical except for the two bass strings. The two treble courses are high quality non-rectified nylon. The cost of either set is $19 US.

Shipping for strings is $5 US for any size order, including PVF trebles (see below).*

*Important: Our Shopping Cart will not charge extra shipping for multiples of one item. However, due to technical limitations, it will mistakenly add $7 shipping for each different item. If this happens in your order, please ignore the extra shipping charge, and we will immediately refund the additional amount to you via PayPal when we process the order! Thank you!


PVF Treble Set

I find (as does Necati, and also maker Mustafa Çopcuoglu Üsta whom we also supply) that the modern ouds, with their powerful lower range, sound more evenly with PVF trebles.

PVF material is heavier and stronger than nylon. Accordingly, the PVF trebles are a bit thinner than the nylons of equivalent tuning. We find for most ouds that 0.52 mm for the first course and 0.62 for the second course is ideal for the PVF. (For nylon, that would be a bit too thin, giving a weak sound, and so the nylons are about 10% heavier.

PVF Treble Set

Musicaravan Oud Strings - PVF Trebles

Because the PVF trebles outlast the wound strings through several changes, MusiCaravan sells them separately. A set of trebles (a pair of firsts and a pair of second courses) sells for $15.

PVF Treble Set (1st and 2nd Course, 4 strings) $15.00 US




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